Moon shot

I watched the crescent moon
Hung like a hammock between two trees,
Trailed by a brightness which looked unreal.
I thought of leaving it a while
To find my camera,
But instead
I stayed and watched as in a dream
The journey of the stars,
And rooted to the spot I felt
The earth move beneath my feet.

Not my photo obviously, but a sight similar to the one I watched on Friday evening, not knowing what I was seeing – the beautiful proximity of Venus and Mars with the crescent moon. I found the photo on Facebook Lunar101 Moonbook .  Perhaps I wish now I had taken a photo of my own. Or do I? The dilemma of whether to just watch, and look, in the moment – or point a lens to capture it.
For another view of this beautiful journey check out my son Ben’s time lapse pictures. He was watching the same sight from a different place….


One response to “Moon shot

  1. I saw Venus and Mars shining like searchlights in the early hours of Friday morning – such a stunning sight, they were *so* bright. I had the same thoughts as you – do I take a photograph – or just look? In the end, I just looked…

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