Milestone – small stone 30

The day when I met a small person for the first time, and experienced that amazing moment of seeing my own child with his child.
The day I met my grandson.



This “small stone” is a milestone in the journey of several lives. Steve and I have become a grandparents for the first time, our son is now a father, and a new life has just started….
Baby William (Bill) arrived last night. So we travelled north to snowy Macclesfield today to meet him. Just beautiful…


9 responses to “Milestone – small stone 30

  1. Congratulations…..lovely pictures and a warm welcome to William X

  2. He’s so beautiful! And Sofia looks well considering the length of labour.

    Welcome to the world, Baby Bill xxx


  3. wonderful.

  4. What a way to end a month of Small Stones – and what a wondrous little Pebble has arrived for you all to love! many congratulations to both parents – and grandparents xxx

  5. What a precious moment – thank you for sharing your joy with us – blessings to your new little grand and to all your family!

  6. annajanegreaves

    So very thrilled to see these wonderful pictures!! Thank you. I suppose I am now Great Auntie Anna.!!!

  7. Barbara Buffton

    Many congratulations, Cilla!

  8. annajanegreaves

    I can’t stop looking at these gorgeous photos.

  9. Thank you everybody for your good wishes!

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