Window on the world – small stone 27

“Today” news, Radio 4 with morning tea in bed,
5 Live tennis commentary from Down Under,
Voices from around the world
As I eat my breakfast.

Years ago turning the dial to
Wimbledon commentary on Radio 2
And Radio Luxembourg under the blankets
My little blue transistor opened my mind to wider horizons.

Listening to tennis commentary on the radio always takes me back to my childhood, and the little radio my family had. No TV allowed in those days because of my family’s strict religious beliefs, but I can remember the thrill of turning the little dial and tuning into voices, often in unknown languages, from around the world



5 responses to “Window on the world – small stone 27

  1. Aha! That’s where the rot set in – Radio Luxembourg, Horace Batchelor and Keynsham! K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M!! 🙂

  2. The radio offers the imagination scope. Often better than the picture I suspect. The Archers could never be the same on T V.

  3. annajanegreaves

    I remember that wonderful little blue radio!

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