Just watching – small stone 26

I walk home along the lane,
Birds are chirruping and twittering
As the dusk descends.
I watch from the window
the sky is changing slowly
Into evening dress.1-IMG_2326

Amazing sky this evening at around 5 o’clock.


8 responses to “Just watching – small stone 26

  1. What a spectacular image! isn’t it a gift to come upon something like this in the course of an ordinary day? I am imagining you now converting it to a piece of needlework, in spray-painted silk, with the trees embroidered over…

    • A wonderful gift indeed! Not easy to capture on camera, took a few attempts but worked better with the flash.. And yes a lovely thought to spray paint silk and stitch over, only problem is Nature does it so much better!

  2. How beautiful

  3. Gorgeous – I love the sunsets this time of year!

  4. I suppose the sky turns the light off when taking off its evening dress and checking from another perspective at dawn.

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