Unexpected colour – small stone 18

Muddy roots, buried underground,
Revealed, exposing
Vibrant yellow flesh.

20150118-191117.jpgChopped salted and boiled,
with a final ingredient –
Old cotton sheeting. Now transformed.

Helping husband dig up an old shrub (an orange berberis) I was surprised at the vivid yellow colour of the roots. So I tried using some of them to dye some old white cotton fabric. Amazing!


6 responses to “Unexpected colour – small stone 18

  1. You are so creative!

  2. Ooh – I must try this! I am always stunned by the colour of berberis roots. Did you use a mordant?
    I will be making a Dyer’s bed in the herb garden this year (as Husband is a Dyer 🙂 ) which dye plants do you have??
    Yet another interesting stone – thank you xx

    • I had no mordant, so just chucked in some salt! I have never done any vegetable dyeing before other than using tea bags to give an antique stain! Any suggestions from the specialist gratefully received… It has certainly opened my eyes to a new aspect of the garden. What will you be planting in your dyer’s bed?

      • I already have Golden Rod – (I can easily send you some roots if you would like them – yellow dye) and St John’s Wort (Red) – now I want to try some Woad – a girl can’t manage without a touch of woad, can she? 🙂

      • Thanks Roz, I wonder if you use the flowers or the roots of St John’s wort. We have plenty of that in the garden…

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