Hats off – small stone 16

Writers group,
We sit around the table,
Tea and biscuits and a pile of hats.
We remember, fantasize, and give voice
To headgear.
Protectors, status symbols, fashion statements,
Roles we play and have thrust upon us.
Today we share, hats off,
Bare our souls
And honour our true selves.

For our writing group today we all brought hats, and had fun using them as a starting point for our writing.
We extended our writing in short bursts, (4-5 minutes) describing, memories, fantasy, and monologues. So much fun and variety and some poignant moments too. Thank you to my fellow writers for your honesty and supporting friendship.


6 responses to “Hats off – small stone 16

  1. annajanegreaves

    Love this..Hats are the stuff of life.

  2. I envy your writing group – would be wonderful to have an evening to write with friends. Hats off to you all 🙂

  3. The queen bee lined the nest with hats,
    Inspired and sent us foraging
    Searching our memory hedgerows
    And flowers of possibility

    Returning to the hive
    We shared our honey
    Random words,phrases scenes and stories.
    Thought,care and laughter.

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