Monthly Archives: January 2015

Snow blanket – small stone 31

Pristine white
Baby soft skin
Covering folds and curves
Of the landscape.
The road ahead
Around unknown corners,
Cradled in a blanket of beauty.

20150131-165651.jpgThe hills around Macclesfield were beautiful this morning. We took a short drive before visiting the hospital today and the snow on the fields was unmarked, making everything look clean and new. But it was very slippery underfoot…


Milestone – small stone 30

The day when I met a small person for the first time, and experienced that amazing moment of seeing my own child with his child.
The day I met my grandson.



This “small stone” is a milestone in the journey of several lives. Steve and I have become a grandparents for the first time, our son is now a father, and a new life has just started….
Baby William (Bill) arrived last night. So we travelled north to snowy Macclesfield today to meet him. Just beautiful…

One birthday and another? – small stone 29

Afternoon tea with my friend,
Sipping sparkling wine
To celebrate her birthday,
While all the while anticipating
Another birthday far away
In snowy Macclesfield.

20150129-192902.jpgAnother day of waiting…. Nice to have friends to share the good times and the anxious moments.

While waiting – small stone 28

Needle in and out,
Counting threads
One, two, three, four….
Keep the rhythm –

Hardanger is a traditional embroidery stitch, and new to me. It requires concentration to keep to the pattern, but creates a gentle, steady rhythm, a soothing occupation while waiting for news….

Window on the world – small stone 27

“Today” news, Radio 4 with morning tea in bed,
5 Live tennis commentary from Down Under,
Voices from around the world
As I eat my breakfast.

Years ago turning the dial to
Wimbledon commentary on Radio 2
And Radio Luxembourg under the blankets
My little blue transistor opened my mind to wider horizons.

Listening to tennis commentary on the radio always takes me back to my childhood, and the little radio my family had. No TV allowed in those days because of my family’s strict religious beliefs, but I can remember the thrill of turning the little dial and tuning into voices, often in unknown languages, from around the world


Just watching – small stone 26

I walk home along the lane,
Birds are chirruping and twittering
As the dusk descends.
I watch from the window
the sky is changing slowly
Into evening dress.1-IMG_2326

Amazing sky this evening at around 5 o’clock.

Bits and pieces – small stone 25

Cutting up bits and pieces
Into carefully measured
Smaller pieces.
Then joining up the little pieces
Into carefully arranged
Bigger pieces.

Now what do I do with it?

20150125-104703.jpgThe story of our lives, perhaps?

This is the product of my cutting up my “blue Monday” fabrics, and piecing them together at an Embroiderer’s Guild workshop, using shaded four patch blocks. Quite a satisfying (although fiddly) process but I don’t know what to do with it now!