Mess and magic…

My last post was a carefully selected group of photos;  a cropped, enhanced and arranged collage of happy holiday moments. My friend Roz commented that for her it showed a “close to perfect” Christmas.

But of course it was “cherry picked”, it was not the whole story, it was unbalanced even. So here are a few more photos to complete the picture.


Family times together generate mess as well as magic. Preparations included buying toilet paper as well as wrapping paper; paracetamol as well as sweets. On a quick trip to the shops we picked up more cat litter as well as milk . (Visiting cat, confined to the house for a week gave us some smelly moments as well as furry fun.)

Yes, we laughed together, played games, watched TV and ate. But there was still the washing up, rubbish to collect, spills to clean and general messy aftermath. It was lovely to have several uninterrupted days of togetherness, but there was the sadness of missing absent family, away or now gone, and our traditions have to change as we all grow older and circumstances are different. There was frustration, irritation and disappointment too, misunderstanding and muddle. Sometimes quite upsetting and far from “perfect” in the usual “as good as possible” understanding of the word.

However, the dictionary definition of “perfect” does include such concepts as “complete” “accurate” and “real”. So perhaps the disharmony, the mess, rubbish and stinky moments are all part of the perfect whole.

Wishing you a “close to perfect” New Year!


6 responses to “Mess and magic…

  1. I’d have exchanged my Christmas for all the mess.xx

  2. …and all your comments today, Cilla, make your Christmas even more ‘closer to perfect’ – by the dictionary definition! ActualIy, I vote that everyone that I know gets rid of putting the words ‘Perfect’ and ‘Christmas’ in the same sentence – shall we start a Movement, Cilla?!
    For me, your further description is like the embroidered embellishment of a picture that was lovely to begin with – adding texture, light and shade, intricacies, ramifications – and perhaps a few loose ends? So much more interesting than the top of a chocolate box!
    Hope you ‘pick up the threads’ and continue to post your own lovely and interesting posts throughout 2015.
    Happy New Year, my friend!

    • Thankyou for the embroidery metaphor! Definitely always a bit of texture, light and shade, and loose ends in abundance in my experience…
      Thank you for reading my posts and making your thoughtful comments. Happy New Year to you too, Roz

  3. Love your posts. Happy ( close to perfect) new year. Wishing you lots of new joyful moments in 2015, with togetherness that puts mess into perspective NikiX

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