Holiday moments

Happy moments of eating, exchanging presents, playing games  and lazing around with family.

And when everyone had gone Steve and I enjoyed bright sunshine and calm sea on an afternoon walk along the beach.


5 responses to “Holiday moments

  1. I hate the concept of ‘The Perfect Christmas’ as it is hurled at us by commerce in the three months before ‘the Day’ – but your images and words are – to me – what the truly ‘as close to perfect’ Christmas actually is…families to gether in happiness, good food, good wine and good company…time to remember, time to do the traditional things (whatever they may be in your own family) and time to just be – in beautiful natural surroundings if you are fortunate. You are blessed indeed by the memory of this Christmas, Cilla – and i am blessed by reading about it.
    Thank you. xxx

    • Thank you for your lovely comments, Roz. And we did have a happy time together, lots of lovely moments. Of course these photos are a careful selection, cropped, enhanced and arranged to present the best picture. There were other moments not shown here….. 🙂
      (I feel another post may be necessary, watch this space!)

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  3. Just might be feeling a bit jealous here. Glad it was a good one. Now, about that cat…Xxx

  4. OK Judy, read the next post….! Things are not always as they are presented. 🙂

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