In print…

A couple of weeks ago I spent a day making colograph printing blocks with printing artist Robin Moorcroft. It was huge fun using all sorts of methods, cutting, tearing and sticking different materials to create a variety of textured plates. 1-IMG_21141-IMG_2116Then today I returned to print! It was exciting to see the blocks again, looking quite different, now dried and varnished, and ready to be inked up.


1-IMG_2163Next came the messy bit, as we started inking up the plates and then fed them through the press onto dampened paper.

123___12It was an exciting moment when we peeled back the paper to reveal the prints, and even better when we added a second colour to highlight details. First results…1-IMG_2176

After lunch (we were ready for it!) we inked and printed further blocks. My final block was my favourite but the most difficult because I made it from dried grasses, and it was hard to ink it without breaking off delicate bits! But I was pleased with the way it turned out. Here is the inked block….1-IMG_2182And the prints…

1-IMG_2184-001Thank you for a great two days, Robin. I learned so much!


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