Bank Holiday festival…

This time last weekend we had a fun time meeting as a family at  Greenbelt 2014. A beautiful new site, interesting speakers, musicians, writers and artists of all sorts  – Brian McClaren, Anne Lamott, Matt Haig, Mpho Tutu, Sinead O’Connor, Dave Tomlinson and many more…. As well as time to to sit around in the sunshine and eat together. Errr, well, Saturday and Sunday were sunny, Monday not quite so……!!

greenbelt 2014

Inspite of chilly nights and a muddy ending, we came away encouraged and inspired for the ongoing journey.


3 responses to “Bank Holiday festival…

  1. Love Anne Lamott – her Bird by Bird is a wonderful book for writers – sounds like a fun few days! K

    • It was great to have a chance to hear Anne Lamott in the flesh. I think she was finding English weather (rain, I mean), cab drivers, TV shows etc rather “trying” though!!
      It’s not always easy being a “celebrity” writer….

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