Unexpected restoration

An unexpected detour because of a road closure took me through an unfamiliar area of town. Sitting in a queue of traffic I noticed some colourful canvases and beach fabrics in the window display of an interior design shop. Just what I needed to restore some old directors chairs which had been gathering dust in the garage! Amazingly there was a parking space a few yards further on, and I was able to nip into the shop, purchase half a metre of strong canvas, and be on my way within a few minutes.

It was only just enough material, but it was enough!

Result – an enjoyable few hours spent, planning, cutting, and stitching the covers; and two useful folding chairs, now looking a bit more presentable. And a reminder for me that traffic jams, detours and delays can, in fact, hold the opportunities we had forgotten we were looking for. Just a matter of noticing and seizing the moment when it presents itself!

20140814-103839.jpg “before”

20140814-103909.jpg “after”


4 responses to “Unexpected restoration

  1. lovely job, you clever person

  2. annajanegreaves

    These look great. Looking forward to seeeing the trunk.

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