Process and product

It is so lovely to have a long stretch of warm sunny weather, (broken occasionally by a thunderous deluge or two). It is somewhat enervating though, and I haven’t written much here for a while. But a couple of recent creative workshops have been fun, if completely different. One was on Dorset Button making which I had thought would not be really my kind of thing. But they proved fun to do, easily portable, and have kept my fingers usefully occupied whilst watching commonwealth games etc…. I have a growing collection of experiments – singletons, birds eyes, Blandford wheels, and Yorkshires to use at a later date.IMG_1733

Another day was spent creating silk paper landscapes – completely different from button making – and I enjoyed the free, impressionistic effects. I based two of my landscapes on beach scenes of the Pacific north west, where I holidayed last year. Here they are in their unfinished state, but I could almost smell the spray and hear the roar of the waves again as I made them.sesacapeseascape2

A few other stitched landscapes I have made over the months have been bubble wrapped and parceled up for an exhibition in a local gallery this week. (The Hayloft Gallery, Christchurch) It feels strange putting work “out there” for others to scrutinise, and not a little worrying. I love the creative process, but what of the product? What is it for? Who is it for?

It is not dissimilar to writing this blog, I don’t know who will read my words, what impact (if any) those words will have. But occasionally I receive feedback from a reader that something resonated, and helped, encouraged, soothed or gave insight. I scour other people’s creative blogs for inspiration, so perhaps my little stitched landscapes might be an encouragement to others to “just sew”, “just write” something, anything….


10 responses to “Process and product

  1. lovely keep going it is fantastic

  2. annajanegreaves

    Well done! Great pictures.

  3. They are beautiful – both the Dorset Buttons (which I first loved when doing City & Guilds Embroidery) and the landscapes, which i think are very accomplished. The silk landscapes remind me of a silk felting day that I did once – I, too am getting back to more creative stuff and your blog is certainly an inspiration to me – thank you for posting! xx

  4. In the Stillness of Willow Hill



    Beautiful landcsapes, if I lived nearby I would come to Christchurch to view them!

    • Thanks Niki! I’m off to do a spot of stewarding at the Hayloft tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see who does drop by to view the exhibition, of which my pieces are only a small part.

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