Fun at the folk festival

Wimborne Folk Festival is a fun event!
Lots of bizarre sights, music on every corner, costumed dancers, story tellers, stalls.
It was lovely to see the town full of families having fun. The weather was just right, not too hot, but no rain.




20140615-194616.jpgAnd for me the fun was even more this year because for the first time ever I was performing. No, I haven’t taken up Morris Dancing, but the newly formed choir I sing with had four sets over the course of the weekend. Just Sing is a choir which does just that, we sing, mainly contemporary popular music. All present there are about 60 of us, rehearsing in two local groups each week. Today we were singing in Wimborne Square with a lovely supportive and appreciative audience. Great fun! It was wonderful to see so many children and adults, clapping and singing along, enjoying the songs.


20140615-195434.jpgPhotos from my husband’s mobile, if you’re wondering where I am – second row back, behind the lady in cream trousers, and the lady in blue jeans! Not deliberately hiding….


6 responses to “Fun at the folk festival

  1. Sorry I missed it!
    We took our little granddaughters down this morning, I was amazed how quiet it was, a lot more low key than usual but actually this was much better for the little ones who loved the dancing.

    • It was quiet this morning but got much busier later… I think the parade was shorter than usual yesterday, but still plenty of dancers with bells, painted faces, clogs and sticks at every corner! Glad the grandchildren enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. What fun – would have loved to join you to see the costumes, dancing and hear your choir singing! K


    Thank you for letting me share this lovely event with you…your choir was brilliant too!

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