Into June and apologies for my lack of activity on my blogs! Writing time has been taken up with other things recently.
But here is a quick post to share a read I am enjoying.20140603-121455.jpg

Stitches by Anne Lamott.
A little book but rich in insight about life and love and hope. It is a lovely metaphor for the way we stitch together bits and pieces of our lives, to create meaning, and hold things together. Sometimes it feels like things are falling apart, or are no longer fit for purpose. But it is the nature of stitching to repair, patch and recreate things into new fabric which will cover and warm us.

And here is evidence of how this is true literally as well as metaphorically! A recent stitch of mine – an old pair of jeans, no longer fit for purpose, cut up and re-pieced, embroidered with wool and blanket felt, and made into a bag which I love and am now using every day.



2 responses to “Stitches

  1. Cute bag! what a clever idea – and I love Ann Lamott but haven’t read this – will pick it up at the library next visit! K

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