Opening Up

We are well into May and I haven’t posted here for a while. Not because nothing is happening, more because there is so much happening. The garden is burgeoning with creamy yellow and pink rhododendrons, and bright red azaleas are bursting into action against a backdrop of lime greens. It seems May is a month of exploding growth.116___05

I am ( along with 23,000 others) trying out the free Open University “Start Writing Fiction” course. This is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and it certainly feels huge. Sometimes the number of posts and comments from fellow students is overwhelming, but the exercises have been interesting, and I am enjoying the challenge. Check it out here.
I am also taking part in Writing Our Way Home’s 31 day course “Grateful May”. See here. A great help to take time every day to be grateful for different aspects of our lives.
Today I am grateful for the creativity which can blossom through open access to education and other inspiration, paralleled in the flowering of the natural world outside. I have recently finished a three part quilted hanging based on some sketches of a tulip in our garden, opening up to the light. I have called it “Opening Up” because it reflects the process I am seeing around me.tulip wall hanging 2

I hope that wherever you are today (and whatever the weather!) you can open up to the light and warmth which sustains our daily life and growth.


2 responses to “Opening Up

  1. The photographs and your wall hanging are beautiful. Thank you for posting them.

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