Under blue skies

Our last morning in Barcelona was spent exploring another of Gaudi’s famous buildings, La Pedrera or Casa Mila. The famous curving facade is currently shrouded in plastic as it is being renovated, but the roof terrace was wonderful. My first impression was to laugh. The chimneys and ventilation shafts are quirky, bizarre, almost absurd. But as I adjusted to the fantastic, I could begin to see the natural form and thoughtful design which does make sense. Image

The shapes and spaces of the attics were beautiful and housed a very good exhibition of Gaudi’s work and thinking.



Afterwards we wandered through the El Ravel neighbourhood, a mixture of narrow streets of high tenement buildings, balconies draped with washing and open squares with skateboarding children and sweet smelling orange trees. We ate a long lunch sitting under shady palms catching glimpses of lime green parakeets in the branches and watching the world go by. 

Then it was off to the airport and the flight back to drizzly Britain, arriving home  just before midnight and distinctly aware of the change in temperature!


2 responses to “Under blue skies

  1. annajanegreaves

    Thrilled to just find these pictures. Glad you’ve had such a lovely time.

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