Full colour

As the bus wound its way up the zig zag hill to Parc Guell the sun emerged from the clouds. Blue sky formed the back cloth to the colours of the park. The famous snaking bench was crowded with little children, giggling at the wiggles. Grown ups too smiling at the glorious randomness playfully arranged in tilting pillars, curvy roofs, tiled towers, and mosaic patterns. And of course the lizard on the steps kept smiling for thousands of photos!




We lingered, enjoying the exuberance of the artist and the people in the sunshine.
Later in the day we took another bus along the winding route up Mont Juic. Great views of the city, and we managed a quick tour of the Museum of National Art of Catalonia before it closed. The wonderful collection of Romanesque painted murals rescued from 12th century Catalan churches is a great reminder that Gaudi was not the only lover of colour on walls. Then with thousands of others we sat in the evening sun to watch the Magic Fountain with sounds of Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe singing “Barcelona”






2 responses to “Full colour

  1. annajanegreaves

    I have been hoping you’d put some pictures up of Parc Guell. So glad the sun came out to see the colours in all their glory!

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