I am currently enjoying reading  Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit.

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Recommended recently by two people in totally different contexts, I thought I had better have a look at it.
As she says, Creativity (fresh, spontaneous) and Habit(routine, disciplined) are sometimes seen as a paradox, but even Mozart practised his scales, and Margot Fonteyn her pliés. This week my creative endeavours have been centred around generating ideas for two writing groups, and also coming up with designs for an online quilting class. I have found it hard work and nothing seemed to be coming.
But habits are useful when ideas seem scarce. In her chapter called “Scratchings” Twlya Tharp says ideas are everywhere, and the daily repeated routine of looking, paying attention, noticing and looking again can uncover the inspiration for creativity.

My “Scratchings” this week revealed an early flowering tulip in the garden, sketched over 2 or 3 or days. These, coupled with some searching among photos and books of other artist’s work, are generating some ideas for my sewing. See my Tulip Pinterest board here

Opening a drawer whilst washing up provided me with materials for a fun time at writing group, when we created characters for different kitchen utensils, and then scripted some playful encounters. Why not give it a go yourself….
“When Colin Corkscrew met Susie Spatula” or “When Gary Grater met Lucy Lemon Squeezer”…IMG_1944

So, if you want to be creative, keep scratching… 🙂


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