Watch this space….

I have two spring clearing projects underway at the moment. Shifting some surplus furniture into a friend’s flat has created space in my sewing room. A day of clearing, throwing away, and reorganising has opened up the area and I now have the room to open cupboard doors and scope to rediscover the content of piled up boxes! With the chance to rearrange tables, I have uncovered a wider expanse of floor, and have a (relatively) clear zone for cutting out and drawing. It is lovely to have the space to stretch my mind and contemplate a range of possibilities.
The other clearing task is in my office, where I am am emptying files and shredding papers which are no longer needed. It feels quite sad to be getting rid of things which represent important events or past work. But I  feel an increasing sense of space and light as I empty each bin bag into the recycling…
Spring is on its way!



6 responses to “Watch this space….

  1. Yes, I do agree how liberating throwing out is. I really only do it when forced and this week the necessity of a new boiler and accompanied plumbing works have meant the emptying of kitchen and airing cupboards. I enjoyed redoing kitchen but unfortunately the entire contents of my airing cupboard remain on table and floors in our dining room……. They look very dispiriting and are in danger of just being shoved back unsorted!

  2. Great. Me, too, since we sold our house, I have cleared out and cleared away so much debris. I have become involved in a patchwork project and I am now very interested in learning more about textiles and techniques. I remember seeing some links on your blog a while ago for courses. Would you be willing to email them to me. (we were on the writing lives course. Mine has now become more of a textile life….) marilyn hayward

  3. annajanegreaves

    I am particularly fascinated by the marks your hoovering has made!

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