Thought stream

My mind drifts –
A debris of random thoughts
Caught in a current of worried helplessness
Carried out on a swirling sea of possibilities
Ever widening, dark and threatening, open ended chaos.
An overhanging branch appears
I clutch its roughness, smell its earthy rootedness
And haul myself back to solid ground
Of the present moment.

This is me being aware of how easily my mind can drift into a fast flowing stream of anxious thinking. Before I realise it I am swept off my feet into a black ocean of fear. For me the discipline of “mindfulness” is like coming to my “senses”, and dragging myself out of the current. I need a deeply rooted rescuing branch to reach out to…


3 responses to “Thought stream

  1. In the Stillness of Willow Hill

    Poignant words. I continually have to haul myself back to solid ground. Slowing down a multi-tasking brain isn’t easy to do.

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