Last night’s storm was the fiercest for us this winter. The noise was unabated for most of the night and sleep was difficult. Morning light revealed the damage – about 20 metres of fence down, even a concrete post cracked through! That was a strong wind!

Today the sun is shining, and everywhere people are reporting trees and fences down. We are thankful it wasn’t worse –  no-one hurt and repairs already underway….


4 responses to “Aftermath…

  1. Certainly was a shocker! Saw your fence on way to Wimborne, poor you hope it’s straightforward to fix. We lost trellis and pergola had already come down last week, sadly uprooting all climbers that had grown up around it. Still, at least we’re not flooded.

  2. Blimey – you had it rough. We lost our back gate (having already lost driveway gate). All repaired now though.

    Hope repairing the fencing is easier than it looks xxx



    • Already tidied up from road, but it will need replacing rather than simple repair. It was the last section of fencing we hadn’t already replaced, and it was something we knew we would have to do -just a bit sooner than we planned!!

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