Exercises – small stone 15

Aqua aerobics
High kicks, underwater running,
Heart pumping, breathing hard,
Body glowing.

Journal writing
Sitting slouched, buttocks numb,
Circulation pooling at my ankles.
Mind racing.

The writing prompt for today was to pay attention to the body. I sometimes wish writing was not so sedentary! Today I feel sluggish after spending most of the day reading or writing. I certainly need the body exercise as well!


4 responses to “Exercises – small stone 15

  1. Oh, this resonates SO strongly with me – I totally agree with you regarding the sedentary nature of writing. My compromise is to get out into the wild – then write about it! (I am not so virtuous as you, to have attended that aqua-aerobics class – sounds exhausting to just read about it!!)

    • I agree about getting outside Roz, just rather wet weather recently! I find the aqua aerobics very energising in fact. I can do all kinds of things in the water I could NEVER do on dry land!! And our particular group is very friendly!

  2. And didn’t we do a lot of underwater running this week! I so agree with your comments about sitting hunched up writing. I try to make the effort to get up and move around every half hour but its difficult to remember when you are engrossed and only realise I haven’t done it when I feel the aches and stiffness!

    • Yes we did do a lot, my leg muscles were aching from being well used! Thanks for commenting here, Maryanne, we don’t have much time to chat when we are working so hard in the pool! 🙂 Happy writing today…

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