Sounds of Sunday afternoon – small stone 12

I am listening to birdsong on my digital radio,
While playing with inks and stencils.
I hear the sound of the kettle boiling,
The chink of china mugs,
Water pouring onto tea,
And your voice calls “Tea’s made”.

Today’s writing prompt – paying attention to the sounds we can hear.

Sometimes I work in silence, sometimes with the radio on, usually voices on radio 4, sometimes Classic FM, but today birdsong… Often I have the radio on “for company” – silence can feel lonely. The sound of someone in the kitchen making tea, conveys so much more than just the hot drink. Much appreciated….


4 responses to “Sounds of Sunday afternoon – small stone 12

  1. love the last line- a perfect ending! K

  2. annajanegreaves

    I like this one and loved the one with your hand on. Only some appear on Facebook. wondering why. hope Ben’s card arrived. speak sometime. getting ready for M to go back this week. he gets train to Oxford first thing tomorrow to get coach to shopshire for cu house party till Wed. hoping the train will get through the floods at did cot or he’ll miss the coach! Chris takes his stuff over Thursday morning. gearing up for lessons tomorrow that go on till six pm. Glad radio good. Love Anna

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