Winter wonder – small stone 9

The “wow” of winter flowers.
Brave blossoms,
Survivors of the storms,
Blooming quietly unseen,
Until sky clears, and sun reveals
a surprise of fragile beauty .

Writing prompt today – a moment of wonder or a “wow” moment. I am always amazed by these winter flowering clematis. Amazed that such delicate blossoms are produced in such horrible weather. There is added wonder because their beauty is so hidden. Only if I get down low and look up, into their hanging heads, is their delicate pattern visible.
Perhaps we all need to find a moment to “look up” and experience a bit of “wow” …


2 responses to “Winter wonder – small stone 9

  1. Hi Cilla
    What a great plant!
    I have really enjoyed catching up with all your ‘small stones’ and am enjoying them very much. I especially loved the ‘gratefulness’ poem. It is so easy to push our bodies on without stopping to think and listen to them.
    I have been trying to follow your example and write about one special thing each day this month. It is a very rewarding exercise but I haven’t managed to put my bits on my blog yet.

    • Hi Maryanne. So glad you’re enjoying reading my small stones, and writing your own special moments! It doesn’t matter if you don’t blog it, it’s the stopping, noticing and the writing of it that matters. Thank you for your comments, and keep writing….!

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