Thank you, friend – small stone 6

I am grateful for my embodied life this day,
In a body which still functions well
In spite of wear and tear of age.
Wrinkles, age spots, greying hair,
Aching joints, temperamental gut.
Thank you, friend, for years of service
Including times of pain.
Help me to hear your messages to me
With attention and gratitude
While our journey together continues.

20140106-101351.jpgWriting prompt today – an attitude of gratitude


6 responses to “Thank you, friend – small stone 6

  1. I absolutely love this. Synchronous, too – I have just been talking to someone in a shop who was ambivalent about her body after five children. I told her that she – and her body – was magnificent, and that she would receive a medal in some countries! (not sure how many children were required for the ‘Medaille de la Maternite’ in France, but you get the gist 🙂 ).
    Thank you for reminding me to say ‘thank you’ to my body once in a while. xx

    • I was especially reminded to be grateful this morning when hearing sad news of a friend whose life in his body has ended. I personally believe our lives are not just physical and will continue. But while we live, love and express ourselves in our physical bodies, let’s be grateful for their amazing beauty and complexity, even all in their imperfections! 🙂

  2. A conversation I have with my body very often- especially after having life changing medical issues in 2013- have promised to be more in tune to my physical self as well as the spiritual and emotional. Thanks for this meditation today! K

    • I think our physical bodies sometimes tell us things we can’t/won’t hear any other way. But I don’t always find it easy to tune in…
      Thanks for commenting K, and wishing you and your physical self a harmonious 2014.


    I echo the sentiment of K…..interesting blog and comment!

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