“Checkout” girl – small stone 4

Your face is tanned, eyes made up. You smile as I unload my basket of shopping.
“Do you need any bags today”?
You scan the purchases and wait as I pack my items.
“Do you have a car park ticket, or a loyalty card?”
“Please enter your PIN”
“And now remove your card”
You meet my eyes.
“Have a good weekend” you say.
You turn to the next person in the queue.

I wonder how many times you will repeat the same phrases today?

20140104-101824.jpgphoto from Telegraph

Today’s writing prompt was about observing someone without judgement. Not easy! I found myself using the old “describing” words. For instance “fake tan” and “wait patiently” had to be edited out, because I realised they were based only on my perceptions of the person in front of me. Perhaps it was a “ski-ing” tan, perhaps she was inwardly swearing at my slowness!
As I searched for a photo on the Internet (I don’t take my camera with me when I’m shopping) I found a whole new insight into life from the perspective of the check out. Click here to read more. We can learn so much from suspending judgement and simply observing.

Writing prompts from Writing Our Way Home – 31 days. Click here to sign up…


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