Monthly Archives: January 2014

Comfort break – small stone 30

Busy afternoon, rounded with a cup of green tea and toasted tea cake,
Time to relax with a new magazine and some gentle knitting.

20140130-214532.jpgWriting prompt – something comforting.


Nail polish poetry – small stone 29

Cherry up, wine not,
Red handed, berry important,
Back to the fuchsia, scarlet fever,
Cherry cherry bang bang,
Plums the word.

Writing prompt – find yourself a small stone. These fun names were from a nail polish advert in a glossy magazine I was flicking through in a waiting room; an advert for red nail polish. Poetry is everywhere, if we keep our eyes open!

Garden flavours – small stone 28

Steaming veg for supper, tangy orange carrots, flowery broccoli and sweet soft leeks.
Sprouts picked from the allotment carry a taste of earth in their crunch.

Today’s writing prompt – something I can taste.

Contemplation interrupted – small stone 27

I sit quietly, alone with no TV,
Just hiss and crackle of the newly lit fire,
Mug of tea warms my hands,
Light changes in the afternoon sky,
Shoulders lower, releasing tension.

I feel a clench of irritation when the phone rings.

Writing prompt – sit quietly and notice what happens.

Sky light – small stone 26

Cloudy skies, drifting rain
Hide morning sun.
The earth turns
And afternoon
Sees cloud breaks
With late evening light.

20140126-202400.jpgWriting prompt – look to the sky. Even when clouds hide the sun, it is still there! And clouds break eventually…

Fragile fabric – small stone 25

Delicate construct
Lace of silk fibres
Thin gossamer threads
And wooly softness.
Easily torn apart or broken –
Beauty in vulnerability .

20140125-203420.jpgWriting prompt – something vulnerable or fragile. This small piece of fabric is made of silk and wool fibres, lightly needle felted together. I like the effect, but it is liable to fall apart very easily, and needs careful handling.
We all have days when we know how that feels!

Untidy workroom – small stone 24

Muddled mess.
Jumbled wools, tangled threads,
Stashed fabrics heaped, waiting
For me to sort, weave, and stitch
Into sense.

20140124-164930.jpgWriting prompt – something you want to turn away from or resist. I feel that about my sewing room when I have too many projects on at one time. Overload!