Admiring the view

We are approaching the end of another calendar year and the media is full of reviews of 2013. The Queen in her Christmas message urged us to take time to pause, reflect, and take stock. She described meditation, contemplation or keeping a diary as a way to develop spiritually on life’s journey.

I certainly find my journaling a great help in being able to re-view, and look again at where I have come from, what I have travelled through over this year. I ask the questions “What am I grateful for, what special moments have there been, who and what has supported me?”
At the turning of the year I look back through the handwritten pages of my notebooks, and the published photo posts of my blog, and admire the view. Yes, there have been some ups and downs, grey miserable days; but also some wonderful, exhilarating and inspirational moments. There have been long hard slogs, as well as achievements of which I feel pleased and proud.
I would have forgotten a lot, but for my journaling. I surprises me when I re-read small stones, captured moments (happy and sad), splurges of discontent and fear, and quieter entries of enjoyment and peace, and I think “Oh yes! I remember….”.
For those of you who journal, in pictures, in writing or what ever media, I encourage you too, to take time to pause. Enjoy the chance to look back, and admire the view!
To you to those of you who share my journey, who support me with your friendship, thank you for your company through this year!

And now as we continue into 2014 – keep writing….!



4 responses to “Admiring the view

  1. Dear Cilla
    Your blog has been one of the most gently, pleasurable and inspiring that I have read this year. Inspiring me to get back to writing more online myself. I am indeed re-reading and reviewing my words – both in my written journal and – (phooey to arthritic fingers!) – more and more in my typed computer journal.
    I look forward to reading many more of your words – to commenting more! – and to perhaps meeting you in person sometime in 2014?? (You are not *that* far away!!)
    Warmest good wishes for the New Year – keep weaving threads and words – they are both admired and appreciated!

  2. lovely blog post – i arrived here through small stones, and then read on. have a beautiful + inspired year 2014!

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