Monthly Archives: November 2013

November garden gems

Golden leaves drift from branches
Of the darkening afternoon,
A robin trills his evensong
And pearly gems glow white;
Winter flowering cherry



Gold flower

Unfurling globe
Of glowing petals
Bringing sunlight
To darkening days.

Golden flower of November –

A lovely birthday bouquet delivery from my son included the November flowers – chrysanthemum. Literally “gold flower” from Greek khrysos = gold and anthemon = a flower. Thank you, Ben.

Looking around the garden

garden collageNo words required…

Sunday moment

November sunshine,
Bournemouth beach.


First lighting…

The hearth is laid, mantel fixed, walls painted, curtains and cushions washed, books sorted and rearranged.
And now at last we can light the wood burner for the first time and enjoy sitting in our living room again!


November 1st Mindful Writing Day

Today is Mindful Writing Day.
Visit the Writing Our Way Home website to find out more and download your free book of “small stones”.

A Blackbird Sings is a lovely anthology of small observations selected from many posts sent to the Writing our Way Home website.
A wonderful reminder to stop, slow and pay attention to the present moment.


A small stone

Bonfire of flaming leaves,
dampened but not doused
by gentle drizzle.image