Online legacy…

This morning on BBC radio 4s Thought for the Day Vicky Beeching was speaking about the potential of the Internet and new communication technologies. As a powerful tool in our hands we have a choice how we use the Internet, for death and destruction, (as is so often reported in the media), or to promote life, health and wellbeing.

At the end of this month a great Internet resource will be coming to an end. I feel it has been a wonderful pioneering example of how new technology can impart skills, encourage creativity and connect people from all over the world. Quilt University was set up by Carol Miller and since the year 2000 has offered online classes by teachers, and for students, all over the world. Following Carol’s death earlier this year the courses will come to an end but Carol’s inspiration lives on in the creations of 1000’s of quilters, sew-ers, embroiderers, and other textile artists.

blossom mini quilt

I have pieces of work on my wall and in my portfolio which were birthed by Quilt University courses. I, for one, am very grateful for Carol’s vision in using new technology to share her experience, to teach and encourage others.

An inspiration to us to do the same, you leave a wonderful life-giving internet legacy, Carol. Thank you.


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