Under siege

A strange week this week, with plumber and electrician installing new boiler and radiators. Although I have have been in our home I have not been feeling “at home”, more “under siege”. I have been shut away behind closed doors in order to conserve the residual heat, protecting myself from noise and dust, only emerging from time to time to make tea for said workmen and myself.

My body has been under siege as well, as I have been suffering with a cold, (the “common” cold as it is known, but still horrid) Like the plumbing project, I am working through the stages. The sore scratchy throat followed by a perpetually streaming nose and spluttering sneezes. Now I am moving on to the coughing stage, which is giving my intercostal muscles a good work out.

It has been interesting to contemplate both processes, plumbing and bodily. There are certain parallels! Uncomfortable and disruptive to go through, but both hopefully building up defences against further attack from cold and “colds”. The last radiators should be in today, the electrics are expected to be ready to fire up the boiler to give us a warmer night tonight, and I am already feeling more energised as my body recovers.

So thank you to both the skilled workmen updating our heating system, and to my immune system kicking in to defend me against this virus


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