Sunday viewing

On a Sunday with rain forecast, what better place to go than what I sometimes think of as our miniature version of the V and A in Bournemouth. The Russell Cotes Museum had an interesting looking exhibition advertised and a new menu in the cafe. So we decided to take a look. We had forgotten we would have to pay to view inside during the season, but the views outside were still free!
The textiles in the exhibition didn’t grab me much but I enjoyed the amazing mosaics by Cleo Mussi – great inspiration for collage work.


20130908-153132.jpgThe permanent features of the building include some wonderful stained glass, old and new. I wonder how I could capture these in fabrics?


20130908-152313.jpg The cafe menu lived up to expectations, and once outside again the views across the bay of approaching rain clouds were glorious.We stood for a while in warm sunshine enjoying the sounds of the waves, and then headed home before the downpour.




6 responses to “Sunday viewing

  1. More inspiration for me again – wonderful photographs – those colours! Yes, the mosaics *really* appeal to me too – I want to try making some for my garden – this has really given me an impetus. Looks as if you had a rather marvellous day! xx

  2. Love the pictures especially the stained glass circular window.

  3. I love the RC too and never tire of taking visitors there.
    I’m sure you’ll manage to translate the stained glass to fabric. I loved the heathland work in your last post.

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