Taking time…

We have had some beautiful warm days this week, with the special colours of late summer emerging and maturing. Driving across the Dorset heathland near where I live I took time to stop and walk for a few minutes to enjoy the combinations of yellow gorse and purple heather under a blue sky. I walked along the chalky track with no one else to be seen, bird song and the breeze in the grass were the only sounds.

Back home it was time to play with some scraps of fabric in similar colours…. Collaged and stitched into an imaginary heathland but one which reminds me of my walk in the sun the other day.



10 responses to “Taking time…

  1. That collage is fabulous – you have completely captured the colours and the mood of that heathland. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Stunning work. It is amazing how you were able to translate nature to fabirc.


  3. Gorgeous. You are so clever with your machine embroidery!

  4. This is a beautiful piece of work. You should be extremely proud.

  5. What a talent you have to capture the landscape. Absolutely beautiful.

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