Monthly Archives: September 2013

A gulp…

A misty, murky afternoon
rain sweeps across dim horizons.
Then, swooping over fields
swallows swirl.
And huddling in a line
flutter feathers on barbed wire.

We had hoped to walk but the rain closed in and we sat in the car for a while, watching these pretty birds, collectively known as a flight or a gulp. Not the best photo, but it was raining!



A glimpse…

I caught a glimpse this morning,
Beside the pond, a heron
Long legged, long necked
Still grey beauty.

Then slow motion flapping flight,
Open wings carried him away,
Rising like a silent heavy aircraft
Circling the treetops he disappeared.

Photo from Wikipedia (Not mine …. it was only a glimpse!)

A walk with friends…

The art of living…is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past….on the other. It consists in being sensitive to each moment, in regarding it as being utterly new and unique, in having the mind open and fully receptive.

Alan Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity Mindful Balance Blog

A walk to Agglestone rock across heathland at Studland yesterday took me to somewhere I hadn’t been before. We could see where we hoping to get to, Agglestone rock is large, but the actual pathway was not always clear and took us along some boggy, windy paths.

20130915-203516.jpgAs we climbed we paused to look back at the view back across Poole bay, and talking with my walking companions (friends from school days) inevitably brought up memories of walks along the beach we made in years gone by.

20130915-203242.jpgI found myself comparing the walk with our daily life journey, when often we have an aim or goal in view, but we don’t know the ups and downs, twists and turns of the path ahead. Sometimes we find ourselves heading in what seems to be a different (even wrong!) direction in order to reach the target. And sometimes when we look back in time it is amazing to think of where we were, and how far we have come. Indeed we could not have known the paths in life we would take when we friends walked the beach all those years ago.

Yesterday’s quote on the Mindful Balance Blog felt very appropriate when I read it later. So much of life’s path is uncertain, often requiring difficult choices, careful steps and courage, but being open and appreciating the present moment, receiving and trusting what it brings – twists, turns, muddy moments – is important too.

And yes it was a good walk yesterday!

Sunday viewing

On a Sunday with rain forecast, what better place to go than what I sometimes think of as our miniature version of the V and A in Bournemouth. The Russell Cotes Museum had an interesting looking exhibition advertised and a new menu in the cafe. So we decided to take a look. We had forgotten we would have to pay to view inside during the season, but the views outside were still free!
The textiles in the exhibition didn’t grab me much but I enjoyed the amazing mosaics by Cleo Mussi – great inspiration for collage work.


20130908-153132.jpgThe permanent features of the building include some wonderful stained glass, old and new. I wonder how I could capture these in fabrics?


20130908-152313.jpg The cafe menu lived up to expectations, and once outside again the views across the bay of approaching rain clouds were glorious.We stood for a while in warm sunshine enjoying the sounds of the waves, and then headed home before the downpour.



Taking time…

We have had some beautiful warm days this week, with the special colours of late summer emerging and maturing. Driving across the Dorset heathland near where I live I took time to stop and walk for a few minutes to enjoy the combinations of yellow gorse and purple heather under a blue sky. I walked along the chalky track with no one else to be seen, bird song and the breeze in the grass were the only sounds.

Back home it was time to play with some scraps of fabric in similar colours…. Collaged and stitched into an imaginary heathland but one which reminds me of my walk in the sun the other day.