Sacred jacket potatoes and blueberries

For me one of the most inspiring and encouraging speakers at the Greenbelt Festival this year was Barbara Brown Taylor. In her beautifully written book “An Altar in the World” she describes how heaven and earth can meet in the ordinary, not just in bread and wine, but even in washing dishes and standing in the supermarket queue. I am enjoying reading it, just as I loved hearing her speak.

20130830-211901.jpgAnd today there were two special moments when I was aware of such “thin places” as Barbara calls them. Places where, like Jacob awaking from his dream of a ladder from heaven, I could say “surely God is in this place”
The first was when sharing a simple lunch of (yes, you’ve guessed it) jacket potatoes at a local garden centre with a good friend. Despite our coming from very different spiritual backgrounds and traditions we often find ourselves connecting at a deep level which sometimes takes us by surprise. Today was no exception.
The second moment was when I stopped at the local blueberry farm on my way home. Picking the dark blue velvety fruits hanging in sweet clusters, connected me to harvests of previous years, the cycle of growth through the seasons, and the earth by which I am faithfully fed.
I am truly thankful for such everyday holiness.



2 responses to “Sacred jacket potatoes and blueberries

  1. I so agree with you regarding the sacredness of ‘ordinary’ events if we allow them to be so. Do you know my friend Fran’s blog ‘Sacred Ordinary’? (She is in our AD group) – she has spoken of this phenomenon/reality for many years now – I think you would love reading some of her writings…xxx

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