Crops of colour

A wet, windy Saturday gave way to gentle sunshine this morning and a chance to check the gardens. Water butts have filled a little, crops are swelling after the rain and furry peaches are flushing rosily as they ripen on the fence.

20130818-210613.jpgWe pick golden orange and bright red tomatoes, with pink raspberries, as well as speckled courgettes, purple and green beans and rusty onions.

20130818-210651.jpgAnd enjoy the wonderful displays of colour at the local pub.





3 responses to “Crops of colour

  1. Wow, what a productive garden, even peaches! Gorgeous colours in your fruity photos!

    • I can’t take any credit for the peaches (except the photo). They and all the other crops are grown by my greenfingered husband in our garden and on our allotment. I just help with harvesting, and then the processing… Cleaning, drying, freezing, jamming, chutneying etc!.

  2. What an abundance of colours. I love this time of year!

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