Funny things…

Funny things – gooseberries. They bring back memories of scratchy bushes in the garden when I was a child, and horrid sour and bitty fruit lurking under crumble in childhood Sunday lunches.

This year we have a large crop of the pink variety on our allotment. They look prettier than the green variety, with their translucent pink skins and delicate veins. But the bushes are still prickly and awkward to pick, and the pink fruits still have tenacious green tails and twiggy tops. Not to mention bristly hair on the tough skin. Suck the insides and their tartly sweet distinctive flavour is released, but then there is another downer – seeds, stick-in-the-teeth type seeds.

So what to do with this troublesome pink harvest?
Cook, squash, and sieve….
Add sugar and boil.
And I’m hoping the resulting pouring syrup will be good on ice cream or yoghurt.

No seeds, no skins, no tails, no bristles – well here’s hoping anyway…



2 responses to “Funny things…

  1. One of life’s skills.
    Bringing sweet success out of potentially green scratchy people.


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