It works…

Back into “normal” life and routine. But I am aware that the journey continues, it is not just about travelling in space and time. We are all on a journey that goes in, and beyond. This week I have had a couple of clear reminders that writing the journey can have a healing effect, and be a sustaining and healing support through difficult times.

At a lunch of people I hardly, knew my husband mentioned in passing that I ran a therapeutic writing group. Little was said at the time, no-one commented or picked up on the remark. But as we were about to leave one guy who I hadn’t spoken to all afternoon came up to me and said,
“I just want to say to you that I know it works”
When I looked enquiringly, he continued “Writing, it works” and proceeded to tell me how writing things down had helped him recover from night terrors and phobias.
That was all, we left soon after and I may not meet him again. But it was a confirmation and reminder that writing things that cannot be spoken can set us free from their hold.

The second reminder came in the last gathering of our writing group before our summer break. We were reviewing and sharing some of our writing through the year. It was very moving and a great encouragement to me to hear how much members had felt supported in the group. Their writing, poems, stories, articles, descriptions, journalings and contemplations spoke powerfully of journeys, inner and outer, joyful and heartbreaking, often expressing emotions it would be difficult to share directly. We laughed and cried together, as we looked at how far we had travelled. Thank you all, I am looking forward to sharing further writing adventures with you as we travel on.



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