Summer reading

My son is now rescued from hospital and his “key holes” are healing, my jet lag is clearing and it is lovely to not have to think of returning to work! I have been enjoying a great summer holiday read. Acts and Omissions by Catherine Fox. No you can’t get it on Amazon, yet. Because it’s not finished. I discovered her from a link on the Greenbelt Festival line up.

20130717-193124.jpgCatherine Fox
She has several books published already but this is a novel she is writing in weekly installments. I read all the 27 chapters so far in one sitting, absolutely hooked and enjoying all the characters. Now I have to wait for the rest…. ! It is a funny, honest and perceptive unfolding story. Have a read for yourself …
Chapter 1
I also enjoyed her parallel blog Close Encounters explaining about herself and the process of her writing. She is a great example of “write what you know”. Her life experiences are very different from mine, but there are so many resonances when someone is writing honestly about human feelings.
You can hear her talking at a past Greenbelt Festival about the process of writing a novel.
The naked vicar’s wife – the art of cooking up fiction”
I am now wondering why I haven’t come across her before! I am looking forward to reading one of her earlier books which I have requested from the local library. Can’t wait!


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