Hot springs and hats off

Today is dull as we eat breakfast and we are glad it is cooler. As we drive east the mountains along the valley are shrouded in cloud, but by the time we reach Harrison Hot Springs the sky is blue.
Harrison Lake is a vast lake, only a small part is visible from the small town of Harrison Hot Springs where we wander along the beach and lagoon area. The hot springs have been an attraction for many years here, and we have a pleasant time snacking in the Hot Springs hotel and deciding it would be nice to sample the hot springs and spa someday.

20130710-215255.jpgReturning later back along the flat river valley surrounded by mountains which rise up behind the farms, we drive alongside the Harrison river, which feeds eventually into the Fraser.

At last Mount Baker is “hat free” and without the cloud cover she appears in all her glory above the valley.



2 responses to “Hot springs and hats off

  1. annajanegreaves

    Wonderful pictures. Looks fab.

  2. You have certainly seen a fantastic collection of mountains.
    Enjoy the hot springs!

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