Golden Monday

A sunny Monday morning and we drive across the Fraser River via the newly built Golden Ears Bridge. Adorned with golden sculptures of eagles it is named after twin mountain peaks which over look the area.

20130708-171254.jpgFrom there we return to the house in Pitt Meadows which belonged to Steve’s brother in the 1970s, when Steve first visited British Columbia. A lot has changed since then but it still looks very pretty.

20130708-171835.jpgWe take the rough road across flat flood plains northwards. The fields are planted with endless lines of blueberries, and the harvest is beginning with groups of people bending over, picking, in the fields. On we go past the workers, we reach the shores of Pitt Lake. It is one of the world’s largest tidal lakes, stretching into the distance to snow topped mountains even in the heat of July. The lower end has been partially drained, and we walk along the gravel track on the top of the separating dyke enjoying the lily clad marsh on one side, and the spectacular lake views on the other.

There are several pairs of osprey on the wooden piles a little way off shore, and we watch them swoop and soar over their untidy nests. There are myths and stories about a lost gold mine near this lake, but for me this was a golden moment, and scenery which money cannot buy.



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