July 4th Independence Day.
It is a strange feeling being a Brit in the US on Independence Day. But there are no signs of hostility! 🙂
Today is our last day on the road before returning back across the border to British Columbia, Canada. The clouds are back, there is slight drizzle on windscreen and mountains have disappeared. But Stars and Stripes are every where, and red white and blue themes adorn every shop window. A motor bike with a large American flag speeds past us on the highway

20130704-195422.jpgAs we drive past the high rise towers of Seattle the sun is breaking through and we turn off the highway at Bellingham. We enjoy lunch watching the yachts in the harbour, and beautiful views across the sound. Another huge flag marks the celebrations.

20130704-204357.jpgThe road to the border is quiet but decorated with more flags. After being interrogated by the security guard about the quantities of wine and cigarettes we “seniors” are bringing back into Canada, he waves us through.

20130704-204645.jpgWe arrive back in Fort Langley in sunshine. Time to mow the lawn and hang out some flags of our own!



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