A cascade of volcanoes

On the road northwards again, this is the route we travelled southwards under grey skies a week ago. (A long drive)Today there is not a cloud in the sky, temperatures are rising rapidly and visibility is clear. As we approach Portland we draw closer to the Cascade range of mountains. These far distant snow capped volcanic peaks appear to float above layered grey misty foothills. The startlingly large snow streaked volcanic cone of Mount Hood rises from the plain as we speed along the high way, through Portland and over the Columbia river.

Next into view comes Mount St Helen’s, another huge volcano. But this is a mountain with its head blown off. It was over thirty years ago that it erupted, and as we drive up the winding road through miles of trees to the visitor centre it becomes clear that it has lost its pointed cone. We contemplate the huge hidden forces which caused such catastrophic damage as we sit on the terrace drinking lemonade and eating appropriately named lava cake.

20130703-220904.jpgReturning to the Interstate highway and continuing north, the next volcano in the range appears. Mount Ranier dominates the skyline as we head into the state capital of Olympia.

20130703-221145.jpgOlympia sits on one of the many inlets of the Puget Sound, and our harbour side hotel gives sunset views towards the Olympic peninsula with yet more distant mountains.



2 responses to “A cascade of volcanoes

  1. Volcanoes can remind us how fragile our world really is, although looking at these benign appearing mountains it’s hard to imagine what havoc they wreaked. I find it hard to believe it’s thirty years already since Mount St. Helen’s erupted!

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