“Fantastic” Mount Shasta

This morning’s graciously served breakfast consists of savory cheese omelette with white chocolate scones, honey butter and olalla berry jam, accompanied by interesting stories from our hosts about their 1905 house, and the lion which once lived in the basement.
Then we head north again on highway 5 in heat. We stop at Shasta Lake, a huge reservoir with many houseboats, the low level of turquoise water contrasting beautifully with the orange sandy shores.

20130702-220324.jpgSoon we see first glimpses of Mt Shasta looking like white frothy cream clouds floating on the coffee coloured foothills. As we get closer the increasingly large white streaked cone towers above the horizon and the clouds above look intriguingly as though they are emerging from the volcano itself! It is an awe inspiring sight. The volcano last erupted in 1700’s and the likely hood of further eruption in our lifetime is 25 to 30% apparently! But not today.


We stop briefly in Mount Shasta town, a community of artists of various kinds, and a supermarket with a mountain view.

Continuing up into dry desert like conditions, golden yellow grasses blow with a velvet nap in hot wind. Strange conical humps and hillocks, are volcanic reminders. As we sit in a long queue of traffic where the road is being resurfaced, we look back south to Mount Shasta, and are watched by rusty dragons.

Leaving California behind we find an air conditioned room for the night in Grants Pass, Oregan. With dinner we sample a “flight” of the local wines, which have write ups like poetry, and taste good too.



6 responses to ““Fantastic” Mount Shasta

  1. haroldbuckfield

    Wonderful photos,especially of Steve. Did I see one of Cilla further down? If not Steve get the camera out. T

  2. Atlas out now, you’re improving my geography. Love the dragon sculpture and the ‘flight’ of wines…well, new phrase for a Saturday evening, ‘time for my flight’!

  3. annajanegreaves

    Looks awesome. Makes life in Reading feel very dull as struggle to get through last two weeks of term! Enjoy it all.!

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