Hot Chico

Today we are leaving San Francisco and we head out of the city over the Oakland Bay bridge. The main feature of today is the intense dry heat. We drive through cultivated fields of sunflowers, fruit trees in regimented rows, then sweet corn. Pistachios nut trees too, olive oil and craft beer tasting along the highway. The treeless grassy hills are like rolling yellow sand dunes under blue blue sky. We can see several areas of smoke rising in the distance probably from bush fires.

20130701-222657.jpgSpeeding sunflowers

The heat is intense as we reach the city of Chico and our bed and breakfast, the Grateful Bed.

We are grateful not just for the bed, but also for the air conditioning. They are used to temperatures here around 90F but today it is 107 F (42 C)

Children are cooling off in the local creek

We visit the Sierra Nevada Brewery, taste their beer and sample their food, before an early night under cooling fans.



5 responses to “Hot Chico

  1. haroldbuckfield

    Sounds exciting but a bit hot. Lovely photos as ever.
    Allotment fine,6 beans and bowl of fresh lovely strawberries.
    Writing group went well. Wrote about our favourite place.
    Suggested we bring photos of the place next month to see if the photos match the pictures drawn in words.

  2. annajanegreaves

    Raining here. Sounds wonderful.

  3. Goodness, what heat to cope with! How interesting that they still use fahrenheit as default. I do find that now I have to convert to centigrade. How quickly we lose one way of thinking!

  4. Just realised I am now caught up with you! Look forward to hearing about the remainder of your travels!

  5. Thank you for all your “catch up” comments Maryanne. They came through one after the other! And good to hear how things are back “home” Tony and Anna.

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