Rainbow pride

Today we knew we would not be travelling the city much as many hundreds of thousands would be converging on Market Street for the annual Gay Pride Parade, roads would be closed and buses not running. We got our positions early as the colourful crowds were building, diverse in age, race, gender and variety of every sort. There was an air of anticipation and the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the ban on gay marriage was causing much celebration.

The parade was colourful (and very long) and more political than I had expected. It gave me an insight into the history of this long struggle to get equality, those who have helped fight for it, and also the personal effects on people’s lives. The watching crowd was very large and good natured.

20130630-220617.jpgA very personal story here….
After watching the parade for two hours we took a break to find some lunch in Chinatown. Some great dim sum under Chinese lanterns.

We had hoped to take a bus out to the Golden gate Park this afternoon, but when we returned to the bus routes the Gay Pride parade had not ended!! It had been going for a good four hours, and apparently attracted one and a quarter million people this year.
Our change of plan was to head to the cinema to watch The Great Gatsby, which we really enjoyed.


2 responses to “Rainbow pride

  1. What a moving spectacle. How lucky your time there coincided.

    • Yes seeing the parade was moving and very informative, although the influx of so many thousands of people, and the closure of roads and buses, did mean we couldn’t see some of the other parts of the city we had hoped to see, which was a bit disappointing.

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