Petaluma to San Francisco

Hotel Petaluma, down town historic building, in the process of being renovated. No Best Western this! Our room smelled and the bathroom was old and stained. We asked for a different room. No problem, it seemed they were used to complaints! We were immediately upgraded to a much nicer room, newly renovated but oozing “period features”. It had been a beautiful building once, and could be again. We explored the historic downtown, eating good food at the “Speak Easy”, where in the days of prohibition illegal liquor was obtained. The old buildings here told the story of the town and those early settlers. And we slept comfortably although it was a warm night.

Next morning back on highway 101 to San Francisco. The turn off signs were becoming more Spanish and the sky was blue. But as we approached the Golden Gate Bridge the fog descended and we crossed in zero visibility.

Over the bridge we emerged into sunshine and we began exploring the city on foot, taking a trolley car down to savour all the sights and sounds of Fisherman’s Wharf, including Alcatraz. The fog finally lifted from the bridge and we watched huge carrier ships come in across the bay.

This city is full of buzz and beauty. Some amazing buildings old and new, and people in their infinite variety. Tomorrow we will explore some more, but for now my feet are tired.



3 responses to “Petaluma to San Francisco

  1. Mum would be so pleased you are doing something so lovely on her birthday. Loving seeing your pictures. This end doing school summer fair all day….Endless washing up and lifting and carrying stuff! Be glad those days are behind you. A.

    • I wonder what she would have made of this amazing city. And it is also interesting to consider just how much of it would have actually been here when she was a young woman! It is a young city, almost overwhelming at times.

  2. I was amazed at how much fog there is in San Francisco but it makes for great pictures.
    Reading the above comments I realise this must be something special for your mum. Did she live in SF?

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