Train music – Sedoka

Sad sounds of train horns
Moan a minor chord warning
Road crossing barrier ahead

Long rail tracks carry
Endless trucks continent wide
Interrupted by small towns.

The sounds of the train horns can be heard through the day and night here in Fort Langley as the Canadian Pacific Railway runs through the town. It is a haunting sound which is both musical and mysterious as the pitch changes with the approach and passing of the train. My experience of the train is fleeting, as it passes and is gone, but the train itself is extremely long and the rail track crosses the continent. So I have tried writing in a form called a Sedoka (click on the link for full explanation) which notices a scene from two different perspectives.




5 responses to “Train music – Sedoka

  1. haroldbuckfield

    Transcontinental greetings.
    Enjoy your wide eyed and weary travels where the big hand on the clock whizzes round.
    From lowly Dorset, where the hours hardly move,cows moo and no trains run.


  2. Loving your entries and Tony’s poems. Have no literary gems to share as am writing reports and an assembly and they are most definitely not gems. Anna.

  3. Fantastic pictures, what is it about trains that makes them so evocative?

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