Clouds lifting

We woke this morning to news of devastating floods in Calgary and other regions east of Vancouver. Heavy rain in the Rockies has swollen rivers to extraordinary proportions and up to 200 thousand people were evacuated from their homes in Alberta.
Here in Fort Langley we are thankful not to be flooded, and today the clouds gradually lifted. We took a trip to the coast, driving through the rather ugly sprawling suburbs of Surrey. It is hard to imagine the farms of the early settlers in this fertile plain, which is now covered with developments and industry, criss crossed with busy highways and railway lines. As we reached the coast we drove down through large treed plots, gracious homes with views across the water, to the small village of Crescent Beach.

With views south to the San Juan island in the US, west to Vancouver Island, and north towards the city of Vancouver, we walked in sunshine along the beach, with its expanses of sand and paddling puddles, bleached driftwood logs and sweet smelling seaweed.

20130622-175320.jpgHere it was not difficult to imagine members of the swimming club, established in 1918, nearly one hundred years ago, swimming in these waters. The timber framed houses around the bay, although many renovated and updated, have a timeless feel, and the sound of children playing never changes.

I found these words written on a stone at the end of the beach, they capture the timeless atmosphere this lovely place.



3 responses to “Clouds lifting

  1. The longest Day
    the longest drizzle,
    persistent precipitation
    punctuated by
    angry rain bullets
    firing on naive cricketers
    and drenching sports days.
    But making allotments grow


  2. Love being able to follow what you’re doing. Horrible weather here.

  3. The swimming club must have been very hardy! Even colder sea than here I think.

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